Off The Shoulder

You may have guessed winter is not really a thing here. Nevertheless layers are always appropriate, no matter the climate.
With all that in-mind, on a recent walk through San Francisco's Mission (and with King Henry the Shiba Inu in-tow) I got a-layering. Everyone's been doing it, only now there's been a development. Namely the whole coat-off-the-shoulders thing (preferably camel - Celine or MaxMara) has become the ideal laissez-faire addition to any layered situation (which in my case also included a henley by emerging talent Handvaerk). 

Aside from the fact that Kimye are complete addicts (and might in-fact be partially responsible for a MaxMara revival), the off-the-shoulder look is legitimately great provided you actually manage to keep said coat on your shoulders (it can be a bit of a balancing act). Perhaps it's all about hating the concept of arms / sleeves in general? Thankfully any shoulder slippage can be negated, or better still remedied entirely by a good pair of reflective shades. But then again isn't everything? 

- Alexander Atkins, wearing Acne, Handvaerk, and L.G.R, photographed by Cara-Beth Rodgers in San Francisco.